The Courses - Swim, bike and run courses are straight forward with minimal turns and well marked.  As this series is designed to be low-key and fun, volunteers will only be placed in areas required for safety (i.e. intersections) please familiarize yourself with the courses before the races.

I will have all courses set up 2 hours before race time so if you'd like, you can get more training in by coming early and going for a swim/bike/run on the course.  Volunteers (including water safety personnel) will be out only for race time.

Volunteers - Each athlete will supply one volunteer for one race.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your volunteer does not show up for your designated race, then you will not start and you will forfeit your start for the rest of the series.  There are 30 volunteer spots per race, first-come first-serve.

Medical - Paramedical and lifeguard support will be present at all races.

Safety - Full ATA race sanctioning is supplied for the series.  Paramedical support at all races. All swim courses will have full water support.  All bike courses will have volunteers at all controlled intersections and turnaround points.  Police onsite for all light-controlled intersections. Run courses are over even ground.

Registration is for the Series only.  For the first year, it will be series registrations only.  This is because some of the races cost more than the $30/person and some less and rather than managing multiple registrations at different prices with different entry lists, it is considerably simpler to do it this way.  This also ensures my marriage stays intact.

Registration is transferable.  Yes, you can transfer your registration for a single race to another individual.   So if you and a friend or family member want to split the series and do a couple races a piece, then that is ok.  This does not excuse the volunteer requirement.  

If you are an ATA member and the person you are transferring to is not; that individual will be required to pay a $10 day license.  There is no refund for the reverse.  

Race numbers/Body Marking - Your race number will be the same for the entire series.  Number yourself before or at each race.   Markers will be made available at check-in. Both arms, left calf.

Swim caps - please bring your own swim cap.  Caps will not be provided but must be worn for water safety and identification.

Timing - The event is self-timed.  A finish placing will be recorded, but splits are the responsibility of the athlete.  Bring a watch.

Aid stations - Aid stations will not be provided other than water at the finish line near the transition area. Please bring your own water bottles, food, etc.  

Transition - Transition is a first-come first-serve environment.  Seven bikes to a rack, alternating direction.  I will make all efforts to have transition all set up a couple hours before the race. 

Race categories - Race categories will be as follows: 12-15, Category C, Category B, Category A. Men and women together.  Category A being the quickest. Each category will have approximately 30 athletes. You will be responsible to seed yourself and sign up for your appropriate category when you check-in.

Heats - For the swims the heats will run as follows: all 12-15, all Cat C, all Cat B, all Cat A. In that order.  

Race Check In - You must check-in when the arrive for the race.  This is to ensure we know who is present and racing. Check in will close 15mins before race start.

Swag - Your own sense of accomplishment.  

Why? Being an avid triathlete myself who loves the camaraderie and thrill of racing, there had to be a more consistent and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of racing in a low pressure environment.  I also wanted to provide an affordable, fun and supportive environment for first-timers to enter the sport and to give people more chances to "race" each season without committing every weekend.

How can I organize a triathlon for $30 a person?   A safe and fun event with no frills... no t-shirt, no post-race meal, no finisher medals, short courses without much traffic disruption, self-timed, categories by ability (12-15, A, B & C).  Your fee goes entirely to covering facility costs, medical, lifeguards, permits, road safety/police, course setup, sanctioning and insurance.

THANK YOU to United Cycle, Half Moon Lake Resort, and the ATA.