WHEN: Tuesday, July 12 2016 - 7:30ish pm start UPDATE!

WHERE: Queen Elizabeth Pool UPDATE!

WHAT: Mixed Team Relay 4 x [250m swim - 4.5km bike - 1km run]

*Relay Info - Each athlete will complete the entire swim-bike-run and then tag the next teammate who will swim-bike-run and so on.  Relay teams must have at least two members.  If you know your team send me a note before the race.  Remaining individuals will be placed on teams at check-in. 


Click here for the ATHLETE RACE GUIDE

NEW for 2016!! Have someone to add to the team not registered for the series?  For $10 they can race with your team.  If they're new to the sport and not an ATA member, I'll cover their day license fee.


SWIM - 250m swim in Queen Elizabeth Pool.  Mass start for first heat keep to each lane.  For subsequent relay members, will be a serpentine style swim, entering the pool in the first lane and after completing 50m, moving to the next lane, completing 50m and so on... exiting out of lane five.

TRANSITION - Transition is located in a grassy area just behind the pool.  Locations are a first-come first-serve basis.  Try to rack your bikes near teammates.

BIKE - Three laps of a short out and back course on roads (4.5km).  After exiting transition you will proceed onto the road around Kinsmen Park and continue under the high level bridge, turning around at the far parking lot.

RUN - One loop 1km run around Kinsmen ParkHead out of transition and continue around the park on the grass returning back to the finish line. 

HAND OFF - The hand off area to the next athlete will be at the finish line.  Once tagged, the next athlete on the team will run onto the pool deck and enter the first lane.

FINISH - Once the last athlete has completed the run the race is over.  

HEATS/CATEGORIES: No categories.  One heat.

VOLUNTEERS: If you are volunteering for this race please plan to arrive at 7pm.  When you arrive please check in at the United Cycle tent to be guided to your position.


THANK YOU to United Cycle, Half Moon Lake Resort, and the ATA.