WHEN: Tuesday, June 21 2016 - 6:30ish pm start

WHERE: Half Moon Lake Resort

WHAT: 250m swim - 5km bike - 3km run - 5km bike - 250m swim

RESULTS HERE (no swim)

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SWIM - 250m swim in Half Moon Lake.  Beach start.  Course is a clockwise triangle.  Two right-hand turns then back to the beach.  Wetsuits optional for first swim leg.  After exiting the water you will run across the beach and up a small grassy hill to transition.  Swim course will have lifeguards, kayaks and a boat.

TRANSITION - Transition is located in a grassy area just behind the main lodge.  Transition is a first-come first-serve basis.  Seven bikes to a rack, alternating directions.

BIKE - 5km out and back course on roads.  After exiting transition you will proceed out of the resort area (little bumpy) and then take a left EAST on HWY 629 (400m).  You will head down until RR 214 (2.1km) at which point you will turn around and head back to the resort.  HEADS UP!! BIKE COURSE IS OPEN TO TRAFFIC!  Exit from the resort and turnaround will have volunteers.

RUN - Two 1.5km lap run around the resort.  Head out of transition for 200m then a quick right out and back.  Then continue around the road loop of the resort back to transition area, then back out again for a second lap. 

TRANSITION AGAIN - What goes up... must come down.  After completing the run course you will transition in reverse to complete the bike course and swim course again.  

FINISH - After completing the swim course for the second time you will run up the beach and through the finish line to complete the race.

HEATS/CATEGORIES:  HEAT #1:12-15    HEAT #2: C    HEAT #3:B     HEAT #4:A

VOLUNTEERS: If you are volunteering for this race please plan to arrive at 6pm.  When you arrive please check in at the United Cycle tent to be guided to your position.


THANK YOU to United Cycle, Half Moon Lake Resort, and the ATA.